Intelligent sound detection

Embeddable Software Sensors for the Smart Home that react to a smoke alarm, window breakage, barking dog, baby cry and more for your devices.

Range of uses

From home security and safety, to infant care, our products can inform, alert and track a wide range of sounds in real life environments.

Core and Custom Software Sensors

A portfolio of Sound Sensors including Glass Break, Baby Cry, Smoke Alarm and more, plus the ability to enable the system to detect custom sounds with a high degree of accuracy.

Easy-to-integrate technology

Supports your existing low cost microphone, with no additional hardware required. Our technology works on a wide range of architectures including ARM, X86, Windows, Linux, Android and more.

Flexible licensing

A wide range of licensing options, from a one-off royalty to recurrent revenue model giving you the flexibility you need.

The smartest audio Software Sensor

Driven by the largest datasets in the industry and deepest understanding of home and other acoustic environments.

seconds of audio processed by our technology around the world.

Simple and fast to integrate

End to end support

We help you create great products, through an end to end partnership that supports the complete lifecycle, from initial concept through testing to final and in-field upgrades, such as:

  • Device integration support
  • Flexible licensing model
  • Custom Software Sensor solutions
  • Growing number of Software Sensors.