Our patent portfolio is a combination of patents covering the uses of sound recognition in products, and also covering a small proportion of the technology techniques we use and have used for our sound recognition. This page lists patents which are either granted or are in the public phase of the various patent systems. In addition, we maintain trade secrets around our own ‘special sauce’ which has been built up from years of practical experience. We also have the industry’s largest data sets and deepest understanding of home and other acoustic environments, but last time we checked we couldn’t patent these!


US8918343 – Sound Identification Systems.

GB2494511 – Digital Sound Identification.

GB2466242 – Identifying Sounds and Reducing False Positive Identification of Sound.

CN200980150365 – Sound Identification Systems.

US9286911 – Sound Identification Systems



GB2492162 – Audio Signal Processing Systems.

WO2014147417 - Brand Sonification

14533837 – Sound Capturing and Identification Devices