Smart Home Uses

Receive alerts and notifications about sound events as they happen.


Audio events can trigger alerts for home users to monitor via live video.

Smart plugs

Provide additional features to your customers’ existing equipment and allow your user to listen to audio events.

Baby monitors

Provide a text message or other alert solely when a baby cries while enabling the tracking of baby wellbeing data.

Elderly care

Allow vulnerable users to request assistance without a panic button being in reach.

Home Assistant

Add to your home assistant’s speech recognition personality an added security guardian personality.

Connected Speaker

Take your connected speaker into the smart home market with a range of sound detection capabilities that work with your existing hardware.

Smart Lighting

Enable your LED smart lighting device to have a broader smart home value.

Smart Hubs and Gateways

Turn your smart hub or gateway into a smart security device.

Helping your customers make informed decisions

Add additional features to your product by allowing your customers to monitor what happens in their homes and intervene promptly in a way that they choose.