Intelligent sound recognition everywhere

We've trained our technology to recognise a large number of audio events and acoustic scenes.

Our mission is to map the entire world of sounds beyond speech and music.

Window glass break

Dog bark

Baby cry

Smoke/CO alarm

Anomaly detection

Speech detection


Car alarm

Bicycle bell

Car horn


Door knock


Emergency vehicle siren

Intruder alarm





Vehicle reversing alert


Creating a frictionless experience for consumers

Embedding the sense of hearing enhances a product’s features and opens-up new service or subscription-based revenue streams for the world’s most innovative companies.

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Teaching technology to hear

Building a system capable of recognising and reacting to the sounds around us means doing things that have never been done before.

We are the pioneers of artificial audio intelligence

To crack the sound recognition challenge you need a diverse group of experts in their respective fields. And a culture built around innovation and teamwork.

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