Our software can be licensed for a wide range of intelligent products

“Sound recognition is a key strategic technology that will be embedded in most connected devices offering AI capabilities.” Francisco Jeronimo, Research Director, IDC

Our customers integrate our ai3™ software platform into a diverse range of products because of its flexible architecture and scalability.

We are teaching our technology to recognise 40 sounds, which have a range of applications across safety, security, health, wellbeing, entertainment and communication.

Window glass break

Dog bark

Baby cry

Smoke/CO alarm

Anomaly detection

Speech detection

Smart playback assist

Bicycle bell

Car horn


Door knock


Emergency vehicle siren

Intruder alarm





Vehicle reversing alert


We are pioneers of artificial audio intelligence and the world experts in sound recognition

About us

Teaching technology to hear

Building a system capable of recognising and reacting to the sounds around us means doing things that have never been done before.

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