It has been a honour and a delight to be invited by the IfM (Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing) to provide a demonstration about automatic sound recognition in the framework of the Cambridge Science Festival 2016.

For the AA Labs engineers, the Science Festival is every year an occasion to spend a one day hackathon out of the ordinary to prepare the demo, followed by an enjoyable Saturday out to present the demo to the general public. This year, the demo took our young visitors and their parents through a 5 steps story:

  1. Making their own guitar cup that they could bring back home as a souvenir.
  2. Understanding how sound gets generated by string instruments, with the help of a custom-made sound board.
  3. Understanding how spectrograms can be used to visualise and analyse sounds, through a fun exercise of “paint your own spectrogram”, followed by sound synthesis from the spectrogram image.
  4. Experimenting with a Moo detector, based on a sound sensor trained on the sound of a Moo box. (With all the fun challenges of sound recognition in a room full of kids…)
  5. Participating into the “What would you use that for?” competition at the end of the demo circuit.

The spectrogram painting proved particularly attractive: have you ever wondered how the spelling of your name sounds like?

Overall it has been a very inspirational day: a chance to express the team’s creativity, which we are very proud of, and to convey our passion of sound technology to the future engineering generations. Judging from the pictures below, the visiting children and parents had a great time too!

AA Labs is already looking forward to next year’s edition…



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About Audio Analytic

Audio Analytic is the pioneer of AI sound recognition software. The company is on a mission to map the world of sounds, offering our sense of hearing to consumer technology. By transferring our sense of hearing to consumer products and digital personal assistants we give them the ability to react to the world around us, helping satisfy our entertainment, safety, security, wellbeing and communication needs.

Audio Analytic’s ai3™ sound recognition software enables device manufacturers and chip companies to equip products with Artificial Audio Intelligence, recognizing and automatically responding to our growing list of sound profiles.