We envision a world where the consumer devices around us are more helpful, more intelligent, more…human.

By transferring our sense of hearing to consumer products and digital personal assistants we give products the ability to react to the world around us, helping to satisfy our entertainment, safety, security, wellbeing and communication needs.

We all exist in a world of connected products today but with our customers we are building a new generation of intelligent experiences in the home, out and about or on the move.

In fact, the next phase of sound recognition technology is here.


“ai3™ technology is able to transform conventional products to multi-purpose smart products.”

Frost & Sullivan

“Audio Analytic continues to lead the world in sound recognition”

Parks Associates

“…a Shazam for real-world sounds”


Leadership team

Our board

Latest news

Why our ‘soft temporal modelling’ design philosophy is key to understanding sounds

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Using sound to understand complex contextual events is key to ambient computing

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Patent US11133020 – Assistive Contextual Awareness Technology

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