If you’re going along to WIRED Smarter, we’ll also be there to showcase the exciting capabilities of our sound recognition technology, across smart speakers, the smart home, hearables, mobile and automotive.

The programme of compelling speakers and demonstrations from exciting start ups aims to inspire attendees and provide an early insight into fascinating trends, technology and disruptors.

We were invited to participate following the feature on us in the August issue of WIRED.

While speech recognition has become standard in many consumer devices, market-leading consumer tech companies are integrating a wider sense of hearing into a myriad of products in order to create valuable new services and to deliver the intelligent, context-aware benefits that consumers are after.

Neil Cooper, VP of Marketing, said: “Our mission is to give all machines a sense of hearing beyond speech and music and many believe that sound recognition is a key part of increasingly more helpful and sophisticated artificial intelligence systems and services. We are honoured to be asked to showcase this amazing, disruptive technology at the prestigious WIRED Smarter event.”

WIRED Smarter takes place on October 30, 2019 in Kings Place, London, UK.

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