DCASE (Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events) is the world’s leading peer-based sound recognition community, encouraging academia and industry to collaborate and share research on the detection and classification of acoustic scenes and events.

The group hosts an annual workshop and challenge. This year’s DCASE 2017 edition is organised by Tampere University of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University and Inria, and is being sponsored by Audio Analytic and Google.

First launched in 2013, the DCASE Challenge supports the development of computational scene and event analysis methods by comparing different approaches using a common publicly available dataset. The Challenge is an official IEEE Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing (AASP) challenge.

Participants in the DCASE 2017 Challenge will present their work during the international DCASE Workshop which, after having occurred in New York in 2013 and Budapest in 2016, will take place on November 16th and 17th 2017 in Munich, Germany.

The workshop brings together researchers from many different universities and companies worldwide, with interest in the topic of sound recognition, and provide the opportunity for scientific exchange of ideas and opinions. The technical program will include invited speakers on the topic of computational everyday sound analysis and recognition, and oral and poster presentations of accepted papers.

“Sound recognition is a relatively new field of commercial and academic focus, which is why communities like DCASE are so important to all of us working at the bleeding edge. In particular, the now annual workshop and challenge provide us all with the opportunity to meet and share opinions, ideas and research. It is an opportunity to establish a fair comparison between the most promising new techniques, thus fostering global leadership within such an exciting and fast-paced area of technology. Besides, a friendly bit of competition through the challenge can’t be a bad thing, ” comments Sacha Krstulovic, Audio Analytic’s Director of AALabs (the company’s R&D division), and member of the DCASE steering group. “We are very proud to sponsor this year’s event alongside Google and we look forward to attending the workshop.”

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