Audio Analytic announces partnership with Hive

We are very pleased to be able to announce that we are working with leading smart home brand Hive to bring our world-leading sound recognition software to a number of their innovative, next-generation products.

Centrica Connected Home, the business behind the Hive brand, offers connected home products in the UK, Ireland, North America and Italy.

“It is great to be able to share this news with people,” said Audio Analytic CEO Dr Chris Mitchell. “The Hive brand has become synonymous with the smart home and they are quickly establishing themselves as a major player in a fast-paced and competitive market.”

We can’t reveal anything about the products that we are working on but stay tuned. To learn more about Hive visit

Tom Guy, Global Product Director at Centrica Connected Home, said “To stay ahead we have to offer innovative, valuable and seamless experiences for our customers. By working with Audio Analytic as our sound recognition partner, we are able to use the latest in AI capabilities to make people’s lives easier in a real and tangible way.”

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Our software

Our embedded software platform, ai3™, is integrated into consumer products to make them more intelligent by understanding the sounds around them.

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Use cases

Our sound recognition software has been designed to work in a wide range of products from light bulbs, to smart speakers and beyond.

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