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Audio Analytic showcases Artificial Audio Intelligence for smart home devices at CES 2017

Chris Mitchell

Written by
Dr Chris Mitchell, CEO and Founder

January 4, 2017

Audio Analytic, the Artificial Intelligence company addressing sound recognition for the Smart Home, will be demonstrating a range of new features for its ai3™ platform at CES 2017 (5 – 8 Jan). This news follows the company’s announcement yesterday of a $5.5 million Series A round.

Every sound tells a story – especially in the home. Voice recognition has become a standard user-interface in the Smart Home, opening up new product opportunities and use cases. Sound recognition is a different technical challenge from voice recognition and requires a different approach, but like voice recognition, sound recognition creates compelling new use-cases for smarter living.

Founded in 2010, Audio Analytic has pioneered the development and commercialisation of intelligent sound recognition using advanced machine learning. Audio Analytic’s ai3™ software can be embedded in even low-power smart home devices, enabling them to recognise a range of sounds within the home and take automated action. All sound recognition is conducted on device with no requirement to stream audio to the cloud, ensuring user privacy, security and peace of mind.

With ai3™ inside, a Smart Home device can recognise the sound of a window breaking or a smoke alarm while a home’s occupants are out, alerting the owners and emergency services and triggering other devices within the home to take appropriate action. A smart device in a nursery can recognise the sound of a baby crying and play a lullaby, soothing baby back to sleep so parents and baby get a restful night.

At CES, Audio Analytic will for the first time demonstrate a new sound profile being added to the ai3™ platform. The software can now also recognise the sound of a dog barking so absent dog owners can monitor their pet’s wellbeing – and their home’s security – remotely.

The company will also showcase Custom Sound Recognition –  a new feature which enables end-users to program devices to recognise and alert them to specific sounds within the home such as individual doorbells and whitegoods alerts.

In addition, the ai3™ platform is now capable of Audio Anomaly Detection – understanding the normative pattern of sounds within an individual home and sending an alert whenever deviations occur, such as aggressive shouting or slamming doors. This has many potential applications in security and also elderly care.

The ai3™ platform has been adopted by numerous original equipment manufacturers and chip companies, with a range of consumer devices containing ai3TM software already in the market and more slated to launch in 2017. “In the last two years, Smart Home device ownership has more than doubled,” said Stuart Sikes, President of research firm Parks Associates. “We estimate companies will sell almost 55 million smart home devices in 2020.”

Dr. Chris Mitchell, Audio Analytic’s Founder and CEO, said “Sound recognition is the missing link in the AI landscape – enabling devices within the home to automatically understand and respond to contextual events without requiring human instruction or operation. We’re delighted to demonstrate our unique Artificial Audio Intelligence software at CES 2017, working with our partners to develop smarter devices that better protect people and property.”

Audio Analytic is an official exhibitor at CES 2017 (5-8 January, Las Vegas) and will be demonstrating a range of new ai3™ sound profiles and features to customers and partners at the show.  To request a demo, please email CES-meetings@audioanalytic.com.

A demonstration of sound recognition for the Smart Home using Audio Analytic’s ai3™ platform will also be available at the ARM booth (LVCC, South Hall 2 – MP25250) on invitation.

An ARM & Audio Analytic whitepaper addressing the opportunities for sound recognition on low-power Smart Home devices is available for download here.

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