Audio Analytic unveils a striking new brand identity

Neil Cooper

Written by
Neil Cooper, VP Marketing Communications

August 7, 2017

We are really pleased to unveil our updated brand identity.

As a disruptive company, working at the cutting edge of consumer technology, it was important that how we looked reflected our confidence and dynamism – as well as the fun side of our culture.

With its simple logo shape and bold colours we will use our new visual language to tie together all of the different aspects of what we do as we cement our position as global leaders in sound recognition.

It was also important that the new Audio Analytic brand identity system was in keeping with the modern vernacular of branding – flexible, clean, simple and impactful.

We are at a really exciting part of our journey. Our customers are entering the market with our technology and we’ve been growing our team with some awesome new people. We look forward to more exhilarating experiences in 2017 and beyond.

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