April 9, 2018

Google patents hint at more helpful home

Google has filed two patents that paint a very interesting picture of how it sees smart home tech and the role it plays. Filing a patent doesn’t suggest that a product is pending, but it provides those of us looking at the future of technology with an interesting point of view from a key industry player.

The patents in question refer to a ‘digital babysitter’ for unattended children and an ‘automatic security mode selection’ system. They have similarities to each other. They both fuse different sensor-based information within the home to reach certain conclusions and then empower the devices or personal assistant to do something helpful on the home owner’s behalf.

In its patent for the ‘digital babysitter’ Google Assistant would alert the parent or carer to the fact that a child is in a room and could turn off the unused power outlets (for example). And in the case of the ‘security mode selection’, the Google Assistant would detect the house was empty and would automatically turn on the alarm system.

We’ve been talking about the intelligent home for a while now and how it is a necessary evolution from what we have today – the connected home, where people have to offer instructions to devices. Once machines are allowed to understand what is happening within a home, they can offer automatic solutions to improve consumer wellbeing or security. It means that we can stop having to be at the centre of everything and get on with the other stuff that is important.