March 13, 2018

Hive’s Hub 360 makes the smart home smarter with our sound recognition technology

Centrica Hive Ltd has launched the Hive Hub 360, a smart home hub that looks after your home while you’re away. Available to purchase in the UK, Ireland, Italy, US and Canada, the stylish device (which is available in two different colours) connects all of the user’s Hive products but can also recognise the sound of smoke and CO alarms, dogs barking or windows being broken. Hive Hub 360 is integrated with Hive Actions, a clever feature that enables users to connect their Hive products together through the app so their home works seamlessly around them.

This innovative ability to hear has been enabled by embedding our cloudless ai3™ software on the device.

Commenting on the news, our CEO and founder, Dr Chris Mitchell said: “The smart home is finally living up to its promise. Hive’s Hub 360 brings clever AI into people’s homes that can help them by providing extra peace of mind and greater security.”

“People can do so much with artificial intelligence within consumer products. We’ve seen better computer vision technology, as well as voice assistants and music recognition, enter the mass market recently and sound recognition is a really important part of contextual awareness. By launching this product, Hive is firmly positioning itself as a leader in innovation and a champion of seamless consumer experiences.”

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we are always looking for the latest innovative technology to make their lives easier,” comments Tom Guy Global Product Director, Centrica Hive Limited. “Working with Audio Analytic has given us the opportunity to build in the very latest sound recognition technology into the Hive Hub 360. Combining form and function, the hub is stylishly designed as the centrepiece for the Hive ecosystem, while also giving our customers extra peace of mind when away from their homes.”

In a recent report on sound recognition, IDC’s Research Director, Francisco Jeronimo, agreed: “The sense of hearing is essential in the AI world, as it enables devices to understand context, which is the ability of the device to identify different sounds from the environment and understand whether an action needs to be taken or not.” He continued, “IDC believes that sound recognition is a key strategic technology that should be made available in all connected devices that will use AI to offer unique experiences to their users, by providing context-awareness to their personal digital assistants.”

Supportive editorial images of the Hive Hub 360 can be downloaded here (via DropBox).

Watch this short video from Hive that explains what the Hive Hub 360 does and how easy it is to set up:


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About Audio Analytic

Audio Analytic is the pioneer of AI sound recognition software. The company is on a mission to map the world of sounds, offering our sense of hearing to consumer technology. By transferring our sense of hearing to consumer products and digital personal assistants we give them the ability to react to the world around us, helping satisfy our entertainment, safety, security, wellbeing and communication needs.

Audio Analytic’s ai3™ sound recognition software enables device manufacturers and chip companies to equip products with Artificial Audio Intelligence, recognizing and automatically responding to our growing list of sound profiles.

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