"Sound recognition is a key strategic technology that will be embedded in most connected devices offering AI capabilities." Francisco Jeronimo, Research Director, IDC

IDC forecasts that the market for sound recognition technology will be worth $1.2bn in 2021, with the total addressable market expected to reach $6.5bn.

In an exclusive report, commissioned by Audio Analytic, the widely respected analyst Francisco Jeronimo, explores:

  • Why sound recognition is a key component of AI in consumer devices
  • The revenue opportunities that sound recognition opens up
  • The key applications for acoustic scene recognition and audio event detection by application and device type.

“The ability to recognize sounds is an essential feature of any connected device that wishes to be intelligent. This is particularly important in the new world where artificial intelligence is becoming the core engine, as hearing is a vital sense to understand context.” – Francisco Jeronimo, Research Director, IDC

Download the 12-page Executive Brief by completing the form below.

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