I’m delighted to announce the arrival of ai3-nano™ – the most compact sound recognition software platform in the world. It is designed to run at the edge on incredibly constrained devices like true-wireless earbuds or products required to run in always-on mode, such as smartphones, where power efficiency is critical.

ai3-nano™ provides remarkable sound recognition performance at an incredibly low computational footprint. For our customers it means that they can deliver intelligent, context-aware sound recognition into a new generation of products and empower breakthrough benefits and features that amaze consumers.

Data, cutting-edge ML research and tinyML

Our ability to deliver such breathtaking performance in such a small package is the result of our cutting-edge research and development in the field of sound recognition. Indeed, this achievement builds on our complete expertise in machine learning: optimizing models based on a large amount of high-quality, diverse data (our Alexandria™ dataset contains 30 million labelled recordings across 1,000 sound classes), developing acoustically-smart augmentation techniques, designing new DNN network architectures, creating new training methods such as a patented loss function framework built around the unique characteristics of sound, and much, much more.

All of this amazing ML goodness is then coupled with our cutting-edge expertise in embedded software development, which has led us to design a flexible runtime software architecture that is the best in class for devices where power and size are key factors.

The result of all that pioneering technology: ai3-nano™ and a new generation of captivating products from our customers, built around a compact sense of hearing.

ai3-nano™ builds on our experience with ai3™, which has been embedded into millions of devices and used by consumers in over 100 countries: they share the same core architecture, programming interfaces and instruction sets, thus providing our customers with consistent, proven software that supports a wide range of exciting use cases across a diverse product portfolio.

ai3-nano™ is already in the hands of our customers and partners and we’ll be able to talk more about further exciting developments in the coming weeks and months.


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 About Audio Analytic 

Audio Analytic is the pioneer of AI sound recognition technology. The company is on a mission to give machines a compact sense of hearing. This empowers them with the ability to react to the world around us, helping satisfy our entertainment, safety, security, wellbeing, convenience, and communication needs across a huge range of consumer products.

Audio Analytic’s ai3™ and ai3-nano™ sound recognition software enables device manufacturers to equip products at the edge with the ability to recognize and automatically respond to our growing list of sounds and acoustic scenes.

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