We work and partner with the most visionary tech companies on the planet to bring sound recognition and intelligence to consumer products

Due to the nature of what we do, many of our partners prefer to keep their developments under wraps. Below is a selection of the companies that we have permission to talk about.

Following its highly successful campaign on Kickstarter, Angee has been developing an automated, cloud-based Home Security solution, which provides reliable, automated home security without requiring constant human attention and operation.

Our software will enhance Angee’s monitoring and threat detection capabilities by allowing the system to understand the context of audio events and take the appropriate automated action.

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We are working with ARM to optimise our software for their architecture. In early 2017 we published a joint whitepaper focusing on our software running on the ARM architecture.

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We work closely with leading HD and Ultra HD processing company Ambarella to pre-integrate and validate our software with their hardware.

Our sound recognition software has been pre-integrated with Intel’s Smart Home Development Acceleration Platform, enabling Intel’s customers to add audio event detection to devices.

As announced at IOT World 2017, we are working with Knowles to integrate our software into their new IA-610 smart microphone, which combines a world-leading MEMS microphone with best-in-class DSP into a single architecture.

Sound is not speech

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Next Tech Talk: Dr Yong Xu from the University of Surrey

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Knowles partnership brings sound recognition to new processor

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Our software

Our embedded software platform, ai3™, is integrated into consumer products to make them more intelligent by understanding the sounds around them.

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Use cases

Our sound recognition software has been designed to work in a wide range of products from light bulbs, to smart speakers and beyond.

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