Knowles partnership brings sound recognition to new processor

Neil Cooper

Written by
Neil Cooper, VP Marketing Communications

October 18, 2017

Yesterday Knowles, the market leader and global supplier of advanced micro-acoustic, audio processing and precision device solutions, launched their new IA8508 open DSP platform, which has been designed for edge-based artificial intelligence applications. The high-performance, low-power consumption combination makes their processor ideal for mobile phones, hearables and smart home products like smart speakers, hubs, cameras and TVs.

You can read more about the IA8058 here.

Knowles also announced an accompanying partner program, of which Audio Analytic is part of. For Knowles’ IA8058 customers this means that the integration process for adding intelligent sound recognition capabilities to their products is streamlined.

Chris Mitchell, Audio Analytic’s CEO and Founder said, “The flexible platform architecture offered by the IA8508 audio processor is key to the success of intelligent, on-the-edge, context-sensing capabilities, such as sound recognition. We are very excited to work with Knowles on their open DSP platform architecture, as it provides the perfect blend of power efficiency and versatility for consumer tech manufacturers. What’s more, the Knowles open DSP partner program enables the smooth integration of Audio Analytic’s ai3 sound recognition software for our customers.”

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