September 23, 2020

Patent US010783434: Application of loss functions for training sound event recognition systems

Patent inventors: Cagdas Bilen, Juan Azcarreta Ortiz, Giacomo Ferroni, Arnoldas Jasonas, Francesco Tuveri, Sacha Krstulovic and Chris Mitchell.


A method of training a non-verbal sound class detection machine learning system, the nonverbal sound class detection machine learning system comprising a machine learning model configured to: receive data for each frame of a sequence of frames of audio data obtained from an audio signal; for each frame of the sequence of frames: process the data for multiple frames; and output data for at least one sound class score representative of a degree of affiliation of the frame with at least one sound class of a plurality of sound classes, wherein the plurality of sound classes comprises: one or more target sound classes; and a non-target sound class representative of an absence of each of the one or more target sound classes; wherein the method comprises: training the machine learning model using a loss function.

You can view the full patent here.


About our Patents

We have a portfolio of 31 patents globally (filed and granted).

Our patent portfolio is a combination of patents covering the uses of sound recognition in products, and covering the technology techniques we use and have used for our sound recognition. You can visit the patents page which shows our full list of patents which are either granted or are in the public phase of the various patent systems. We continue to maintain trade secrets around our own ‘special sauce’ which has been built up from years of practical experience.




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