Patent registration number US10224019B2

Patent inventors: Arnoldas Jasonas, Sacha Krstulovic, Joe Patrick Lynas, Julian Harris and Chris Mitchell.


Broadly speaking, embodiments of the present invention provide a wearable audio device including one or a plurality of microphones, a sound recognition systems and a controller to control the device based on one or more recognized sounds or classes of sound. Embodiments use stored sound models.

You can view the full patent here.

The new patent enables ‘hearable’ devices to recognise sounds that cannot be heard by wearers, as well as adapting to the acoustic environment to enhance the audio experience and improve battery life. You can read more about the patent in our blog post.


About our Patents

We have a portfolio of 31 patents globally (filed and granted).

Our patent portfolio is a combination of patents covering the uses of sound recognition in products, and covering the technology techniques we use and have used for our sound recognition. You can visit the patents page which shows our full list of patents which are either granted or are in the public phase of the various patent systems. We continue to maintain trade secrets around our own ‘special sauce’ which has been built up from years of practical experience.

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