We have a portfolio of 32 patents globally (filed and granted)

Our patent portfolio is a combination of patents covering the uses of sound recognition in products, and also covering the technology that we have developed for our sound recognition. This page lists patents which are either granted or are at the public stage of patent examination. In addition, we maintain trade secrets around our own ‘special sauce’ which has been built up from years of practical experience.

We also have the world’s largest audio dataset, a sophisticated training and testing pipeline and a dedicated neural network for machine learning, which is coupled with a deep understanding of acoustic environments.

We currently have the following published and granted patents:


Methods of Training a Sound Event Recognition System


Sound Identification Systems


Sound Identification Systems


Sound Identification Systems


Sound Identification Systems


Sound Identification Systems


Sound Identification Systems


Wearable audio device


Movement Detection


Audio Signal Processing Systems


Brand Sonification


Sound Identification Systems

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