Amy Weatherup

Amy Weatherup is a serial entrepreneur who has held senior sales, marketing and business development roles in both start-ups and multinational companies, and now focuses on turning university research into practice.

She was co-founder and marketing director of STNC Ltd., a venture-backed start-up which developed browsers for mobile phones and was acquired by Microsoft in 1999.

More recently she has focused on the commercialisation of University inventions, and in helping the next generation of entrepreneurs develop the appropriate skills. She founded and runs the Cambridge University i-Teams programme where multi-disciplinary teams of students work to assess the best route to market for new university inventions, and which has resulted in 60 startups so far. She is also a Trustee of Birthlight which translates the latest anthropological and medical research into practical ways of helping mothers and babies.

Amy is deeply involved in the education sector. She is Chair of Governors at Swaffham Bulbeck Church of England Primary School, and is a founding Trustee at the University of Cambridge Primary School. She is also a National Leader of Governance.

Amy holds a degree in Mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge.

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