During today’s Snapdragon Tech Summit, Hsin-I Hsu , Staff Product Manager at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., highlighted how our Media Tagging technology has been optimized to create exceptional experiences for users on new Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 Mobile Platform-based smartphones by tagging their photos and videos with the sounds that were around them.

Watch Hsin-I Hsu talk about our Media Tagging technology during the day 1 keynote

The ability to recognise the sounds captured while a photo is being taken or while a video is recorded means that consumers can more easily retrieve precious memories by searching for sounds along with other metadata like location and date. As well as sharing that special moment in the future, Media Tagging will also empower people to be more creative on the fly through the ability to offer contextually-relevant filters, effects and frames within a relevant app. As a result, users can more easily share and impress their friends and followers.

As well as smartphones, our Media Tagging technology is suitable for other types of devices that can capture images and sound, such as smart glasses, because it is incredibly compact and power-efficient.

Sounds provide rich contextual cues and the ability to remember them radically improves the consumer experiences. A few weeks ago we set out our vision for what was possible when the devices around us had a better sense of hearing. The ability to remember what was heard on our behalf is one of five major capabilities that will see major shifts in human-centred experiences, whether running on current devices or future mixed-reality products. Tagging the photos and videos we capture on our smartphones or smart glasses is an exciting first step in this journeyYou can read more about our vision here.

We’ve enjoyed a strong close relationship with Qualcomm Technologies over the years, which has enabled us to pre-validate our technology for their Snapdragon 888778G and now 8 Gen 1 mobile platforms.

Image capture and sharingwhether they are videos or photos, is a key selling point on smartphones and the clear focus of social media apps like TikTok, Snap, Instagram, etc. Our phones can be whipped out of our pockets to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments and now with smart glasses, a simple tap of the finger means that we can capture a pivotal moment, safe in the knowledge that our intelligent services and products can help us find them the very second we need them.


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