“The autopsy of a digital signal”

We were joined by two guests from the University of Colorado for the latest podcast. Professor Catalin Grigoras and Senior Professional Research Associate Cole Whitecotton. Both of our guests work for the National Center for Media Forensics within the university, with Professor Grigoras as the director.

We talked about the forensic trail from mains hum, metadata, deep fakes and the fascinating world of digital signal forensics. In a time of deepfakes, alternative facts and misinformation campaigns, we should recognize just how important media forensics is.

We first heard about their work on Electrical Network Frequency (ENF) which enables them to be able to confirm to the day, hour and minute of when a recording was made. But as this episode will highlight, their work goes far beyond ENF.

You can listen to the episode below or wherever you get your podcasts:

Professor Catalin Grigoras (left) and Cole Whitecotton (right)
Professor Catalin Grigoras (left) and Cole Whitecotton (right)

For more information on Catalin and Cole’s work, please visit the University of Colorado website.