Our ai3™ software brings the world’s most accurate sound recognition DNN to consumer electronics

Designed for a wide range of products

From the outset we designed the ai3™ software platform to be independent of hardware and consume as little power, memory and computational resource as possible. This inherent flexibility gives our customers the ability to explore different embedded architecture options, specific to their product ranges and strategies.

The result is incredibly powerful software that can scale and flex with our customers.


ai3™ is hardware agnostic and requires minimal memory and computational processing, which means that it can be deployed across multiple products with differing architectures and constraints, making it suitable for a wide range of products and applications.


The ai3™ software platform supports multiple sound profiles and enables new sound profiles to be delivered OTA. This means that consumers can enjoy new features as they are released and existing connected consumer products can be enhanced in the field for differentiation.


Our sound recognition technology isn’t indiscriminate (like level detection) because our core technology is based on modelling the hundreds of ideophonic building blocks of sounds, rather than just dB levels. This is why our software is highly accurate and not irritating to consumers.

Proven technology

We work with the world’s most innovative consumer tech brands, who all see accurate and precise sound recognition as a critical component of artificial intelligence.


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ai3™ is capable of recognising a large number of audio events and acoustic scenes

Our customers choose the sound profiles that are relevant to their customers, products and markets. They can choose from a growing list that enables applications across security and safety, health and wellbeing, communication and entertainment.

Window glass break

Dog bark

Smoke/CO alarm (international)

Baby cry

Car alarm


Speech detection



Cutlery movement

Food chopping

Door knock

Car horn



Intruder alarm

Bicycle bell


Chaotic acoustic scene

Boring acoustic scene

Lively acoustic scene

Calm acoustic scene