Embedding our ai3™ sound recognition software into your products gives them the AI sense of hearing

ai3™ is capable of recognising a number of events and scenes

We are adding new sound profiles all the time, providing additional opportunities for customers to enhance products already in the market. The small file size of each means that customers can deploy additional sound profiles over the air.

Window glass break

Dog bark

Smoke/CO alarm

Baby cry

Anomaly detection

Speech detection


Smart playback assist



Car horn

Emergency vehicle siren


Bicycle bell

Vehicle reversing alert



Door knock

Intruder alarm


Cloudless AI, running on the edge.

ai3™ is designed to run on the device, not in the cloud. This means that all sound identification, analysis and decision making is done locally and instantly while using very little memory or CPU capacity. What’s more, this approach offers consumers the level of privacy that they expect.


ai3™ is hardware agnostic and requires minimal memory and computational processing, which means that it can be deployed across multiple products with differing architectures and constraints, making it suitable for a wide range of products and applications.


Our sound recognition technology isn’t indiscriminate (like level detection) because our core technology is based on modelling the hundreds of ideophonic building blocks of sounds, rather than just dB levels. This is why our software is highly accurate and not irritating to consumers.


The ai3™ software platform supports multiple sound profiles and enables new sound profiles to be delivered OTA, which means that consumers can enjoy new features as they are released and existing products can be enhanced in the field for differentiation.

We are with you all the way.

As your long-term sound recognition partner, we’ll use our experience to support you through the straightforward process of integrating our software into your products.

Our dedicated customer engagement team will give you the peace of mind you need during the rigorous integration, calibration and certification process that we employ, which has already helped numerous customers.

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