Our technology design philosophy focuses on three core outcomes


Our models are designed to produce reliably high true positive rates and low false positive rates. This means our customers can deliver compelling and valuable consumer experiences that are helpful, reliable and irritation-free.


Our models are trained and evaluated to be resilient in all target use cases and conditions, and on all target devices. This guarantees a consistent consumer experience irrespective of environmental factors.


We design our technology to be as compact as possible. This enables our customers to deliver premium experiences alongside other features and functions; as well as meet privacy expectations by running 100% on the edge.

Three platforms, one outcome: An outstanding consumer experience

Our comprehensive and dedicated ML Pipeline spans our three core data, ML and software platforms:

Alexandria™ Data Platform – includes world-leading facilities, tools and techniques to support the data stages of our ML pipeline from collection and processing to labelling and augmentation.

AuditoryNET™ ML Platform – is dedicated to teaching machines to understand sound and encompasses powerful and versatile tools, frameworks and models – as well as access to the latest Audio Analytic technology and know-how – which are essential to delivering a compact sense of hearing.

ai3™ Software Platform – Our licensable lightweight AI sound platform empowers a diverse range of machines with a compact sense of hearing. Its size (from as little as 40KB ROM) and its power requirement (from as little as 1.4mA) means that it is suitable for even the most constrained devices.