January 10, 2020

Financial Times: The best of CES 2020 includes second generation sound recognition…

The Financial Times has featured Audio Analytic alongside some of the biggest companies in the tech industry in its ‘The best of CES 2020’ highlights article.

CES 2020 will be remembered for Samsung’s Ballie the robot, foldable devices and huge TVs – and sound recognition is now also part of that coverage.

For the FT, journalist Patrick McGee delves into how smart homes and consumer devices are becoming smarter and the capabilities of the Internet of Things continues to expand.

He also explains how Audio Analytic equips machines with its ‘second generation sound recognition’ and that we’ve built our AlexandriaTM dataset of 15 million labelled sound events.

The full article ‘The best of CES 2020: the smart home gets a lot smarter’ is available via the Financial Times website.

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