September 2, 2020

The Gadget Show – We talk about the importance of high-quality, real-world data

Last week, we featured on the popular British consumer tech program: The Gadget Show. Ortis Deley came to find out more about our AI sound recognition tech, help with data collection and discuss the importance of collecting high quality, real world data in order to give machines a sense of hearing.

If you missed it, the episode is available on my5 until the 20th September. Catch up now and skip to 36:15;

Ortis Deley from the Gadget Show recording door-knock
Ortis Deley from the Gadget Show recording door-knock


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About Audio Analytic

Audio Analytic is the pioneer of AI sound recognition technology. The company is on a mission to map the world of sounds, giving machines a compact sense of hearing. By transferring our sense of hearing to consumer products and digital personal assistants we give them the ability to react to the world around us, helping satisfy our entertainment, safety, security, wellbeing, convenience, and communication needs.


Audio Analytic’s ai3™ sound recognition software enables device manufacturers and chip companies to equip products at the edge with the ability to recognize and automatically respond to our growing list of audio events and acoustic scenes.

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