Sound recognition has made it into The Telegraph’s top picks of the technology trends from CES 2020 that will be hitting the global markets this year.

Thousands of exciting new tech products and innovations were presented to the world at CES® in Las Vegas this week.

Yet only a handful show signs of promise – and sound recognition is shining through as one of those exciting areas that consumers will be experiencing more of in the future.

Audio Analytic’s second generation sound recognition technology was highlighted in the ‘Smart homes are getting smarter’ trend, where devices ‘can understand millions of different sounds’.

“Our bet is on emerging smart home technology finally getting past the gimmicks and fears of privacy invasion, offering users genuine benefits in the process,” says the article by Matthew Field, James Titcomb and Hasan Chowdhury.

Five takeaways from CES: the tech trends that will affect your life in 2020 is online on The Telegraph website.


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