Audio Analytic is one of 50 trailblazing global startups capable of disrupting the consumer technology industry, according to analysts EqualOcean.

We were selected as a new generation of companies being seen as ‘the trailblazers in consumer technology’ over the past year.

All the companies that appear in the list have been established in the last 10 years, and EqualOcean’s findings are presented in the Consumer Technology: Trends and Startups 2019 report.

The report estimates:-

  • The market size of the consumer technology will increase from USD 87 billion in 2018 to $204 billion in 2022, with compounded annual growth rate of 23.4%.
  • Wearable technology shows the best performance and is projected to grow by 177% between 2018 and 2022, reaching $73.3 billion.

Chris Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Audio Analytic, said: “Audio Analytic’s name is starting to emerge on influential lists around the world as a tech startup to watch out for.

“To be chosen as an industry disruptor for our efforts in the last year is very exciting, and highlights the impact sound recognition technology will have on the devices we all use in our daily lives.”

The Consumer Technology: Trends and Startups report was presented by Equal Ocean as part of a wider series of research reports launched at the World Innovators Meet 2019 in Beijing.


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