Context is key

To deliver a truly ‘smart’ experience (whether that is for security, safety, entertainment, wellbeing or communication purposes) we need to entrust consumer technology with the ability to interact with us and the world around us.

Our ai3™ sound recognition software enables OEMs to embed contextual awareness, through the sense of hearing, onto their devices. This offers a competitive advantage through premium features, as well as additional revenue opportunities.

Our software adds intelligence to a wide range of products:

Smart speakers


Smart cameras

Smart homes


Voice assistant devices


Connected cars

Home hubs

Smart lighting



Our sound profiles

Our customers integrate our ai3™ software platform into a diverse range of products because of its flexible architecture and scalability.

ai3™ is capable of recognising a number of sounds from the profiles that we have taught it to recognise (and which is growing all the time). What's more, sound profiles can be deployed over-the-air, which helps our customers stay one step ahead of their competition.

Speech detection

Window glass break

Dog bark

Baby cry


Smoke/CO alarm

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