To deliver a truly seamless and exceptional experience we need to entrust consumer technology with the ability to interact with us and the world around us.

Our ai3™ and ai3-nano™ sound recognition technology enables leading companies to embed contextual awareness, through the sense of hearing, onto their devices to satisfy a range of values such as health and wellbeing, safety and security, entertainment and communication.



Grab the attention of the user. Notifications will help consumers to make decisions about reacting to a developing situation.



Provide useful information in UX feeds (vision or voice-based) enabling consumers to make informed decisions based on the insight sounds provide.



Nudge consumers into taking action based on the sounds recognised

Creating exceptional human experiences through a greater sense of hearing

A ‘greater sense of hearing’ will help us remember the past, help, improve and extend our hearing in the present and anticipate what we need in the very near future.


Headphone, earphone and earpod brands want to create fully immersive audio experiences for consumers. Sound recognition enables these devices to respond to the world around the wearer, delivering new levels of usability, convenience and safety.


Sound recognition will enable phones to adapt to what is happening around them, enhancing both communication and entertainment experiences.

Smart home

Intelligent sound recognition brings a range of benefits to smart home devices (from cameras to set-top boxes, hubs and everything in between). Consumers get the peace of mind that their families, pets, property and possessions are safe and well.

Smart speakers

Arguably the hottest product category at the moment, smart speakers and their associated personal assistants can offer even greater intelligence and round-the-clock value by responding and adapting to audio events or scenes around them.


In 2017 we partnered with Bragi to explore how our world-leading sound recognition software could enhance their products.

We share a vision of how embeddable intelligent sound recognition can bring new levels of usability, convenience and safety to earphone users and at Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES) we demonstrated how sound recognition can be used to enhance the communication and entertainment capabilities of hearables.

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Hive Hub 360


“By working with Audio Analytic as our sound recognition partner, we are able to use the latest in AI capabilities to make people’s lives easier in a real and tangible way.”

Tom Guy, Global Product Director, Centrica Hive Ltd.

Read about our work on the Hive Hub 360

Survey shows consumers are happy to sacrifice 24% of battery capacity for AI features

Our 2019 Hearables Report: AI attitudes and expectations found that the majority of consumers are positive about the role of AI, with many willing to sacrifice a quarter of battery capacity for valuable capabilities.

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Survey shows strong consumer appetite for AI in the smart home

Our 2018 Smart Home Report: AI attitudes and expectations found that consumers want the ‘connected home’ to become the ‘intelligent home’ so that various products like smart speakers and cameras can help keep their homes, families, pets and possessions happy, safe and healthy.

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