Safety and security

Notifying a wearer to the sound of potential danger means they can get lost in their music without losing contact with the world around them.


Health and wellbeing

Monitor the performance and health of sport and fitness enthusiasts, adjusting exercise and lifestyles accordingly.


For those moments when consumers want to get lost in their music, our sound recognition technology can help reduce the effect of surrounding acoustic environments to improve the listening experience.


Sound recognition can help consumers seamlessly move between a rich audio experience and spontaneous interactions with their friends and important events around them.

Sound profiles for hearables

Whether on wireless earphones or through a companion device like a smartphone, sound recognition offers a new AI capability.

Car horn


Vehicle reversing alert

Bicycle bell

Emergency vehicle siren

What’s next for AirPods?

WiFore’s Nick Hunn explores where Apple’s AirPods could go next, including how they could take advantage of sound recognition.


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We've partnered with Bragi

We demonstrated the world's first context aware earphones at CES 2018

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