Safety and security

Whether placed inside or out, smart home devices like cameras, doorbells, hubs, locks, speakers and set-top boxes could offer 360-degree security and safety capabilities through sound recognition. See no evil? Hear it.

Health and wellbeing

63% of consumers in the UK and US want their smart home to look after the health and wellbeing of their families. Intelligent devices with sound recognition can listen out for the signs of poor health, or support those with round-the-clock needs.

Survey shows strong consumer appetite for AI in the smart home

Our 2018 Smart Home Report: AI attitudes and expectations found that consumers want the ‘connected home’ to become the ‘intelligent home’ so that various products like smart speakers and cameras can help keep their homes, families, pets and possessions happy, safe and healthy.

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Sound profiles for the smart home

Our customers integrate the ai3™ software platform into a diverse range of products because of its key features and peace of mind it offers to consumers.

Car horn


Window glass break

Dog bark

Smoke / CO alarm

Everybody needs good neighbours

Sound recognition and other AI tech could revolutionise Neighbourhood Watch 2.0

Sound recognition 'key' in front-door tech

Front-door tech is hot right now and sound recognition plays a critical role.

Consumer survey ranks key camera features

We asked 6,000 consumers in the US and UK to rank the features that were most important to them when purchasing a security camera

Tech titans and AI to disrupt healthcare

Sound recognition will help consumers to look after their health, as well as those that need extra assistance.

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