Safety and security

Smart speakers are an integral part of 360-degree home security, reaching parts of the home that other products simply can’t reach. 90% of consumers in the US and UK who own smart speakers want their devices to listen out for key sounds and take action.

Health and wellbeing

In our recent survey, 73% of consumers with children want smart speakers to respond to sounds that may indicate poor health.

From personal wellness to assisted living, voice assistants can help better manage the health of families by offering advice, services or recommended products.


Sound recognition gives smart speakers the ability to better understand and adapt to events and the acoustic scene around them, whether that is enhancing audio playback in a kitchen, or alerting the household to a child crying.

Sound profiles for smart speakers

Adding sound recognition to smart speakers gives manufacturers the ability to offer even more useful AI in the home.

Dog bark

Baby cry

Window glass break

Smoke/CO alarm

Outdoor glass break

Speech detection


Car alarm

Acoustic scene recognition



Acoustic guitar





Door knock

Bicycle bell

Vehicle approaching

Emergency vehicle siren

Indoor physical scene

Outdoor physical scene

Running footsteps


Warning shout

Sound recognition to help smart speakers pass the toothbrush test

Make smart speakers awesome all day, rather than just when you are using them.

Adding more personality to personal assistants

Sound recognition means that voice assistants can become even more part of the family.

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