ABI Research – one of the world’s most respected analyst firms – conducted an independent and in-depth examination of deep learning (DL)-based ambient sound processing vendors and concluded that “Audio Analytic came out on top in the competitor ranking, scoring well across all criteria.”

As part of their research, ABI looked at a range of criteria including developer support, diversity of product portfolio, edge-based solutions, operational knowledge, breadth of solution partners, customer references, number of employees, revenue, and market potential.

Mirroring our own consumer research on the smart home, hearables, TWS earbuds and smartphone markets, ABI also concluded that the demand for this type of technology was growing: “consumers are looking for smarter consumer devices that can recognize and react to surrounding scenes and individual sound sources.”

We’ve seen demand from the market increase dramatically to the point now where leading tech companies recognize why the broader capability of machine listening (beyond just speech) is as important as machine vision to their future plans.

While it is great to be recognized publicly by such a key player as ABI, their conclusions aren’t surprising to us. We know from our commercial and technological achievements that our software delivers the best user experiences in the most resource and power-efficient way because of our dedication to accuracy, robustness and compactness right through our ML pipeline.

Our technical leadership means that we work with – and have licensed our software to – many of the world’s leading consumer tech companies, helping them to explore how a greater sense of hearing can create exceptional human experiences. Given the nature of our work, we can’t often share who we are working with, which is why these 3rd party public declarations of leadership are appreciated.

You can read more about ABI’s report here.