June 23, 2022

We’ve joined Metaverse Standards Forum to help industry benefit from a greater sense of hearing

The Metaverse Standards Forum is a cross-industry collective that will develop and foster some of the open interoperability standards that will be important to AR, VR, xR devices in the future. You can read more about the organization in their announcement press release here.

As we’ve said before, a greater sense of hearing (beyond just speech or music) will be as important in the Metaverse as it is in the physical world.

By recognizing and enhancing sound – and better understanding the context around us – devices that place the user in fully virtual or augmented environments can synchronise both the physical and digital worlds to enhance the feeling of presence in both.  This ranges from making sure that users are aware of their real-world surroundings while immersed, to creating unique experiences that are only possible when the devices and software accurately understand sound. For example, recognising an object visually and understanding the sound it makes – like opening a bottle of beer during the Super Bowl and bringing the halftime show into your lounge.

As part of this group we are really looking forward to working with our partners to develop new standards and protocols that mean that developers and content owners can take advantage of this greater sense of hearing to deliver exceptional new human experiences.

To learn more about the Metaverse Standards Forum, visit metaverse-standards.org.

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